Dried beaver glands

Fancy some dried beaver glands?http://wp.me/pWYgA-O8

Castoreum blog postSome time ago I wrote a post about castoreum, which is a nasty additive made from the scent-laying anal glands of a beaver.

At the time, there was some to do on a Facebook vegan page about me scaremongering. However, I was simply appalled and concerned. I have not had a response from Swedish Glace to this day.

However, I did get this piece of correspondence earlier, which was sent from the…

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Turnips, history and masterpiece recipe

Turnips, history and masterpiece recipe

I’ve generally considered turnips as okay. Nothing very special and certainly not a root vegetable that I’d pick over the staple potato. Today I had to use some up as they were the last of the organic veg left from last week and new was due! So turnips are the vegetable of the week. And after a little investigating I came up with a masterpiece recipe. Lush!

History of Turnips

The masterpiece will…

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Kettlebells and pins

There’s a lot of kettlebell related pins on pinterest. Here’s a couple of great little workouts right out the box on pinterest. Ace!


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The Sandbar Restaurant on the Broadway in Leigh on Sea

The Sandbar Restaurant on the Broadway in Leigh on Sea

There’s not a huge list of vegan restaurants in Leigh and this was my first visit to the Sandbar. While there is, of course, the wonderful Oak Tree Market, which I do visit fairly regularly, other than that it’s a little sparse for vegan food.

Leigh on Sea is big on seafood, the clue is in the name. As a result, there’s far more seafood restaurants than vegan restaurants. And we’re in Essex. All…

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Raw Cacao Liquor Chocolate recipe

Raw Cacao Liquor Chocolate recipe

I bought a bag of cacao liquor and was determined to save it for the next batch of raw cacao chocolate. The trouble is it makes the most delicious chocolate drink, so it’s tough to make the stuff last.

TIP – pack your cacao liquor away in a box so you’re not tempted to indulge before raw chocolate making time!

While I was hoping for big things from this cacao liquor chocolate I still stuck pretty…

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Simple Chia Parfait

I saw this recipe on the GMO free Girl blog and it looks great. I love the whole idea of a fruity, chia seed number made with nut milk. And the nut milk is home made too! Brilliant. (more…)

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Spurious arugments against nuisance vegans

Spurious arugments against nuisance vegans

I’ve been vegan now for 19 years just about. The following tweet contains probably the dumbest argument against being vegan I’ve come across in all that time. For a start it doesn’t make sense.

My problems with vegetarians and vegans!!!🙋😭 http://t.co/c2bzMpAa3z
Alex (@eyn_juhl) March 18, 2014

Ok so it’s clearly a comediennehere, trying to be funny, but please try harder. I suppose she’s just…

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Kitchen Scraps You Can Regrow with Nothing But Water

Kitchen Scraps You Can Regrow with Nothing But Water

Came across this article and if it works, it’s great!

Since they’re cheap and come in bulk, we tend to waste a lot of vegetables and herbs in the kitchen. If you’d prefer to cut down on that a bit, a few kitchen staples are dead simple to regrow and don’t need a full blown garden. In fact, these ones don’t even require dirt. (more…)

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ImmiFlex immunity booster is suitable for vegans…

ImmiFlex immunity booster is suitable for vegans…

The other day it was suggested I try ImmiFlex tablets to boost immunity. I’ve been ill for over a week with a nasty cold, lots of coughing, snot and feeling unwell. It’s never fun, always inconvenient and should be avoidable. So perhaps ImmiFlex could avoid any further episodes this winter?

Of course the first question is, as always, is it vegan?  Time to work my way down the Google search…

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How to store your fruit and veg!View Post

How to store your fruit and veg!

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